About Me

Product Innovation and Management

As the CEO of Bywire news, I've brought blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to revolutionise the news media landscape. In addition, I am a specialist in optimising existing processes and encourage innovation whenever I can, which proved critical when launching Disrupt and Refine.

Political Campaigns

I’ve contributed to winning political strategies with my innovative digital campaigning tactics, including psychometric micro-targeting, Machine Learning optimisation and audience demographic segmentation. This includes successful campaigns for the Labour Party and Vote Leave.

Leadership and Management

As a leader, my principles are built on collaboration, innovation, and commitment to creating a difference. I have led teams to growth and invented difficult products, by constructing a strategic vision, encouraging innovation and fostering a results-driven culture.

Engineering (AI, Python, Front-end)

My foundation in programming, Python and front-end development has driven me to disrupt traditional approaches in software and systems engineering. I've built competencies in fields like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, Blockchain and Cryptography.